About Us

History: Fully owned and operated by storm chaser Shane Williams, Townsville Storms is the first dedicated storm and weather chasing website. It was established back in 2002 under a different domain name for around 12 months before it's actual registration on the 12 December 2003 under it's present domain name. Its focus is primarily weather related and covers most of Northern Queensland. Over the last 8 years this site has changed design many times. Shane Williams, a weather enthusiast has been chasing all kinds of weather phenomenon since he was 6 years old. In those days he lived in Brisbane and witnessed many severe weather events including the great hailstorm of 1985. Shane has experienced 9 cyclones, most notably Cyclone's Winifred (1986), Aivu (1989), Fran (1992), Larry (2006) and finally Yasi (2011).

Today: This is the latest website design of which I have taken a huge amount of time to put together. The current design replaces the previous temporary design of 12 months, we hope you like it. There have been many restrictions placed upon townsvillestorms.com over it's 9 years of service such as bandwidth limitations, finances and software availability.

The Storm Chaser Team: 3 long term members form part of the Townsville Storms team. They are Shane Williams, Narelle Webber and Steve Evans.

About our weather here: Townsville is in an area known as the dry tropics. It is situated on a part of the Queensland coast which runs more East/ West. Although Townsville is in the Tropics, rainfall isn't as high as other areas in Northern Queensland. We do however have a spectacular Monsoon Season which runs from November to April. During this time, Cyclones and/or Tropical Lows also have the potential to bring large amounts of rainfall in such a short time. Some years, Townsville can receive a whole years average rainfall in only 8 weeks. Other years can be very dry such as 2005. In the dry season ( May to October ) the region enjoys warm winters and sunny skies. Townsville is recognised as having on average 300 sunny days per year.

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Regards, the Townsville Storms Team.